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Fall 2018 Boys Lacrosse Tournament Availability Registration Information


We will be attending a few Fall Lacrosse tournaments again this year. The tournaments that we are considering this year are listed below for each level. Registration forms and payment information will be available after online registartion has been completed.

Please register by September 14, 2018.  Please take the time to sign your son(s) up so that we can get an idea of what our total numbers will be for each tournament and for each level.  Please note that we can only have one team at each level for our fall tournaments.  You will see to the right of each Tournament listed below is the Roster Maximum for each team. Returning players will be added to each roster first if registered on time. If rosters are not full then we will add players based on positions that are needed. Please note that for our 7th& 8thgrade & JV Tournaments listed below we have priorotized the order of what we would like to attend. Tully is our 1stchoice and Skull & Bones is our 2ndchoice. If we can go to both that would be awesome!


7th& 8thGrade:

Sunday October 21, 2018 – Skull & Bones Lacrosse Classic – TSE – Elmgrove Rd. - Roster Max. – 22



Sunday November 4, 2018 – Tully Cornfield Classic – Tully NY – Roster Max. - 22

Sunday October 21, 2018 – Skull & Bones Lacrosse Classic – TSE – Elmgrove Rd. - Roster Max. – 22



Sunday October 7, 2018 – LeMoyne College Lacrosse Tournament – Roster Max. – 18 – 8 v 8 tournament

Sunday October 28, 2018 – Webster 8 Man Tournament @ Webster Schroeder High School – Roster Max. - 24

Saturday November 3, 2018 – Tully Cornfield Class – Tully NY – Roster Max. 34


Fall 2018, Tournament Availability Registration: 



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Fairport Lacrosse:  Program Philosophy

The Fairport Lacrosse Program is committed to developing its student athletes into mature, productive members of our school community focusing on both academic and athletic potential.  Through practice, training and competition, coaches will strive to instill in each student athlete:

  • Loyalty to the team and an honor for the game
  • Good sportsmanship and integrity when winning and losing
  • An appreciation for hard work, motivation and perseverance
  • A willingness to put the team first above all individual goals


"Together... We honor the game"


Fairport Varsity Lacrosse